Industrial Process Chillers

  Salient Features

  • Compact Design & Elegant Look - Ready to install.

  • Fully Automatic with tried & tested Controls.

  • Energy Saving with high efficiency Condensers.

  • Single or Multi Compressors with independent circuit.

  • Guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters.

  • Dimensional Changes are possible according to space available.

  • 100% Automatic Operation - No Operator will be required.

  • Maximum Running Time - 24 HRS - 365 days.

  • Load Testing as per ASHRAE standard before despatch.

Water Chillers

Technical Specifications ::


Standard Air - Cooled Chillers Upto 15. TR

Standard Water - Cooled Chillers Upto 50.0TR

Temperature Range : +5oC To +20oC

Type -1

Complete with Tank an Pump for closed circuits.

Type -2

Without Tank and Pump - where Tank and Pump are the parts of your System / Equipment.

Type - 3

Without Tank and Pump for closed circuits.


The Fine Quality components Features

  • Hermetic sealed compressors with internal over load protection.

  • Air cooled condenser with copper tubes and Aluminium fins.

  • Plate / Water dipping / wrapped type Evaporator for high efficiency.

  • Stainless Steel storage tank with external PUF insulation to prevent heat ingress.

  • Refrigerant circuit consists of filter dryer, thermostatic expansion valve, accumulator

  • Controls with safety devices - High - Low refrigerant switches, High-Low voltage protection, single phasing preventer.

  • All refrigerant tubing is high grade copper.

  • Digital temperature indicator controls for precise temperature controlling.

  • Pumps suitable for high flow and pressure.

  • Trolley mounting - optional.

Technical Specification


Model Cooling Capacity K.Cal / hr Water Tank Capacity in Ltr. Compressor Power K.W Pump Power H.P. Water Flow LPM
TE1.OCLR -1PH 3225 60 LTRS 1.44 Monoblock 0.25 10
TE1.OCLR -BKRY 3225 40 LTRS 1.44 Monoblock 0.25 40 ltr / 20 min
TE1.5CLR-3 PH 4620 90 LTRS 1.85 Monoblock 0.25 15
TE2.OCLR-3 PH 6048 120 LTRS 2.5 Submersible 0.5 20
TE2.OCLR-3 PH 7535 150 LTRS 2.68 Submersible 0.5 25
TE3.OCLR-3 PH 8845 180 LTRS 3.3 Submersible 0.5 30
TE3.OCLR-3 PH 11340 225 LTRS 4.45 Submersible 0.5 40
TE4.OCLR-3 PH 12096 240 LTRS 5.0 Submersible 0.5 40
TE5.OCLR-3 PH-1C 15120 300 LTRS 6.1 Submersible 0.5 / 1.0 50
TE5.OCLR-3 PH-TC 15070 300 LTRS 5.36 Submersible 0.5 / 1.0 50
TE6.OCLR-3 PH-TC 17690 360 LTRS 6.6 Submersible 0.5 / 1.0 60
TE7.OCLR-3 PH-TC 22680 450 LTRS 8.9 Submersible 0.5 / 1.0 75
TE10.OCLR-3 PH-TC 30240 600 LTRS 12.2 Submersible 0.5 / 1.0 100
TE11.25CLR-3 PH-3C 34020 700 LTRS 13.35 Submersible 0.5 / 1.0 115

* Specification & Product Design are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement

Hydraulic Oil Chillers

Wire cut / Spark erosion EDM
Laser cutting / Marking machine
X-ray diffraction spectrometer
Medical equipment
Machine tool
Induction hardening machine
High frequency welding machine
Hydraulic press
Pressure die casting
Power generators
Condenser cooling for low temperature test chambers
Injection moulding machine
Plasma spray / Coating machine
Air - conditioning
After coolers for compressed air drier
Chemical process plants
Dies & pigment manufacturing
Pharmaceutical industry
Electroplating plants
Anodizing plants
Food & beverage industry

Our range of hydraulic oil chillers, oil coolers are available in configurations like, stand-alone, in which the oil re-circulating pump is integral with chiller and the immersion type, in which the evaporator (coil) is dipped directly in to the oil pump. In applications where direct oil cooling is not suggested, we suggest a double ckt chiller and cooler, where water acts as the secondary refrigerant.
Process oil is used in hydraulics, cutting, lubrication, broaching, honing, quenching, drilling, grinding etc., also aid as a cooling media. In other words, the heat is dissolute during the process when carried away by the circulating oil. Now this oil needs to be maintained at a certain temperature range to retain its physical and chemical properties.

Precise temperature controllability
Constant outlet temperature at varying ambient conditions
Wide operating temperature range
Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
Closed loop and hence contamination free
Minimum maintenance
Highly recommended for fluctuating loads

Refrigerated Dehumidifiers


Compact Design

Energy saving High Efficiency Compressor

Full Precise Humidity Level Control

Easy - glided Bottom Castor

Wall Mountable

Front Loaded Container

Slide-out washable Filter

Hose Connected

Widely applicable in: Pharmaceutical Industries, Leather Industries, Pulp & Paper Processing Printing & Packaging, Panel Room Drying, Tea Industries, Food Processing Industries and other application which need moisture free element.


CAPACITY BTU 12800 18340 18340 24000 24000
COMPRESSOR Watt 1420 2000 1850 2800 2500
AXIAL FLOW FAN c.f.m. 1000 1029 1029 1700 1700
MOISTURE REMOVAL Lt /day 35 50 50 65 65
REFRIGERANT   R - 22 R - 22 R - 22 R - 22 R - 22
POWER INPUT (MAX) Watt 1550 2138 1988 2938 2638
DEHUMIDISTAT RANGE % 20 to 80 20 to 80 20 to 80 20 to 80 20 to 80
CURRENT (MAX) AMP 7.5 8.3 3.25 11.6 4.4
OPERATING VOLTAGE V 180 - 260 180 - 260 360 - 460 198 - 264 360 - 460
DIMENSION - mm (approx) H x L x D 800 x 550 x 525 1000 x 650 x 625

* Specification & Product Design are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement


Cold Room

We provide cold rooms that are efficient in preserving and storing materials for a long duration. The cold rooms are also available in tropicalized refrigeration units to exude requisite temperature & exceptional service back-up. It is flawlessly fabricated so as to suit the needs of accurate preservation of perishables, vegetables, fruits, flowers, dairy products, beverages, frozen/chilled meat, fish or poultry, medicines, blood bags and many more.
Salient Features: Durable |Rust resistant |Consumes less power |Highly operational

Panel Air conditioner

Automation and miniaturization is giving way to complex and small electronic devices and system. These devices and systems need protection from harsh industrial environment containing heat, dust, fumes, vermin, moisture, corrosive or oily vapors etc., especially since they are functioning in a hostile setting rather than a clean computer room. Our panel cooling equipment PANEL AIR-CONDITIONER which fit at almost every panel provided you a total protection against:


We know that most electronic device generate heat on a continuous basis and the uses of our important substitute hostage bypass capacity control ensure that it is also removed on a constant desired temperature for optimum functioning of your equipment.


The panel air is passed over the evaporator coil, which is always at a temperature lower than the dew point. This ensures that all moisture in the air is condensed and taken away by a drainpipe.


Our equipment being closed loop in construction, does not allow the cool and clean panel air to mix with the hot, humid and dirty air circulating outside the panel. 


Our Panel Air-Conditioners are design to work under very high ambient and dust conditions encountered in Indian industrial environment.

Heat is produced on a continuous basis in any electrical / electronics panel, hence it has to be removed on a continuous basis too. This calls for a panel air-conditioner which not only runs on contentious basis but responds very fast to thermal load changes in the panel.

The prime importance is given to the choice of components used, which are thoroughly checked on delivery for any manufacturing defects.Wherever, critical components are selected and procured from the leaders/ global leader. How ever, in-house developments, of product design to suit the demand of the situation are a continuous process. Two such examples are Evaporator & Condenser.
The both evaporator & condenser are designed in-house using imported inner grooved imported copper pipe to reduce the heat loss and to obtain the full efficiency of the compressor, more over this two items are designed in house to give the compactness to the machine which is one of the prime factor of the Panel-Air conditioner.

Some unique features of our machines are:-

Sleek Modular Design Compatible With Any Control Panel
Imported (German) Make Backward Curve Blowers & Fans
Digital Temperature Controller with potential free contact
Easy To Install And Maintain
Powder Coated Cabinet
Proven Components
Compressors from global leader


Every unit undergo strict quality checks during production and then it is completely tested for on load cooling from zero to full load condition


The capacity of an Panel Air conditioner is a function of heat generated in the panel, panel-radiating area, the desired temperature in the panel. The choice of mounting configuration depends upon the type of panel and the location of various electronics components in it. In order to meet this criteria, our air-conditioner are offered in Side Mounting, Free Standing (Stand Alone) and Top Mounting Configurations.

Side / Door Mounting: A side mounting unit is preferred in panels where there is UN-restrict ional air flow from one end to other end of the panel so as to ensure uniform cooling. This type of unit can be mounted either on the side or on the door of the panel.

Top placing models: Top mounting units can be used for very specific applications where side wall or door is not available.

Stand Alone models :Side & Stand alone unit can be used in such panels were their is no previous provisions for Panel Air conditioner has been made, or in place were any modifications in Panel-Air conditioning unit is being carried out.


Some Standard Models of TEMPCON Panel Air-Conditioner

Panel A/c (Standard Models):


Cooling Capacity (W)















































*3-Phase models offered on request.

(Specification subject to change without notice)

All the above capacity machines are available in Side / Door Mounting, Top placing models and Stand Alone models.
Other than the above our specialty is to develop a machine which meets our client’s applications. We design panel air-conditioner as per the detailed dimensions of control panel were the machine is going to be installed.

Blood Bank Ref

The blood bank refrigerators that we fabricate are of high quality and helps in accurate preservation of blood. The refrigerators are specially manufactured to function ideally in storing the content in an effective way so that it can be further used in an appropriate manner. Following are the specifications associated with this refrigerator:
Gross Capacity (Liters)
Temp. Range
4ºC ± 2ºC
Power Supply / Frequency
230V / 50Hz
Dimensions W x D x H (Inches)
19.75 x 20 x 20 x 32.75

Standard Features
Temperature range 4ºC ± 2°C
Chart recorder for 24 Hrs
Special designed multi shelves
Castors for easy access during cleaning

Clean Room

Turnkey clean rooms for Pharmaceutical / Electronics and General Industries are offered by Tempcon with one point agenda - "On time and On budget with desired Parameters" . We make it happen because we produce most of the items in-house like Wall and Ceiling Panels , Doors , Clean room equipments and Filters . Most of the teams / work force required are company employed . We are not dependent on the external agencies . Our own teams of Ducting / Electrical / Piping and Validations help us in assuring On-time completion of projects.

Being in this business of clean room turnkey from last 3 decades help us in most efficient designing and achieving desired parameters . Our team is competent enough to suggest the best routes and appropriate ways of handling the project as per International standards.

Last but not the least our Specialized QC team offer the best support for Validation and Documentation as per FDA Standard and takes care of Post implementation and hand holding till sign off. our client base includes Large pharmaceutical and Electronic industries.

Mortuary Cabinets

Mortuary Cabinets & Mortuary Cabinet. Our product range also comprises of Industrial Chillers, Cold & Clean Rooms and Dairy Equipments.

Mortuary Cabinet are quality constructed self contained mortuary refrigerators used in funeral directors & Hospitals. TEMPCON make mortuary cabinets have been specially designed to offer an extremely compact and cost effective solution to the exact hygiene requirements demanded by current legislation. Built with top grade materials added to finest levels of quality construction and reliability. Tempcon Mortuary Cabinets are designed to fit your space and to meet your cadaver storage needs for both short & long time periods. A vast range of styles and designs are available tailored to your own requirements.
Standard Features:

  • Exterior Finish with Rust Proof Powder Coating Paint.
  • Inner Finish with S.S. 304
  • Vapor proof incandescent lamp.
  • Electronic temperature indicator-cum controller
  • Hygienic
  • Compact and neat
  • Simplify cadaver handling with all S.S. 304 Tray.
  • Plug in type refrigeration unit for easy maintenance.
Optional Features:

  • Both Exterior and inner finish with S.S. 304
  • Wide selection of cadaver storage from 1body to 10body
  • Data logger
  • Trolley mounted option for flexible shifting

Technical Specifications:

3-Body 6-Body 8-Body
Size of Tray2105 mm X 555 mm2105 mm X 555 mm2105 mm X 555 mm
Dimension2665 X 822 X 1929 (h)2665 X 1644 X 1929 (h)2665 X 1644 X 2454 (h)
Temperature Range0o C- 4o C0o C- 4o C0o C- 4o C

Mushroom Plantation

-40oc Chamber

Flower Plantation

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